5 Things You Must Know To Live Above The Current Recession

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[quote author=importexpert post=54125845]Everyone knows the recession is biting hard. The blind can see it; even the deaf can hear it. That word has slowly found its way into the everyday vocabulary of many Nigerians. Its effect has been best experienced in terms of the economic hardships faced by Nigerians than explained via a newspaper analysis or TV discussion.

Now, we all know the reality of the situation. While everyone is lamenting the problem, very few people are searching for how to excuse themselves from its hold. They are wise, who seek solutions rather than state the problems. How can one possibly live above the tide of this recession? I have outlined in brief five things you must know.

1. Recession is bad, but not entirely bad: You remember that rule in animal farm which was later modified? “All animals are equal but some are more equal than the others”? The same logic almost applies here. This recession that plagues the country and that has brought hunger and insufficiency to the land, is also going to make a number of Nigerians wealthy. No situation is entirely bad in itself. Bad situations often leave behind some good around for those who can see to exploit. If all you can see about the nation right now is gloom and ruins, may be you do not belong to this group. If you do, you will need to think differently from the way you have always thought. A fresh perspective is what it takes to solve the problem created by the previous one. Believe me, new opportunities online are popping up every day courtesy of this recession. If only you can see them! i do not mean ponzy schemes please.

2. Forget about economic recovery for now: I know you are probably optimistic that things will suddenly soon start to improve and then the prolonged darkness hovering over the nation will give rise to a new day. I hate to bring disappointing news, but, wake up! Yes, wake up from your slumber! The economy is not going to recover any time soon. At least, not to the level of your expectations. Forget all the sweet coated talk you have read in the dailies. The tough time may drag on a bit. You should not wait for the economy to recover before your finance recovers. Be proactive. Set in motion the wheel of your financial convalescence. Get to work till recession becomes truly “a word”. dont know a profitable online venture to go into? read further!!

3. Take your hope off the protests: So, it’s about three weeks since the rendezvous protest that was scheduled to hold nationwide. The protest has come and gone. The counter protest has also come and gone. Gradually, everyone is getting used to the status quo again. While I have no problem with the protests, I always knew that the protest was not going to bring about immediate improvements. No, seriously, were you expecting any speedy changes? This is Nigeria, my friend. If any tangible improvement would come, it has to go through a plethora of committees. It may even take a year before the final recommendations are submitted. After that, comes the implementation period which will take plenty of time. The point is, protests are useful only on the long run; they have no benefit for the masses at the moment. This is why you should protest if you want to, but get yourself busy in the present with actualizing your goals, irrespective of the challenges that confronts you. as zigler said in his book, you can reach the top, obstacles are a path way to success.

4. Your job does not qualify as a lifeline: Literally, a lifeline is a “line to which a drowning or falling victim may cling to.” That is a dictionary description of the word. In the face of a crumbling economy and a continuous decline of the naira, hardly will your job qualify as a lifeline. Even the multinational companies are feeling the heat. . Some of them packed up and have sought fresh air in neighboring countries. Those in the civil service and pensioners are having a tough time getting their dues, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time for you to sit up and think. Anything can go wrong. You need to have alternatives, just in case things go awry.

5. The key is what you don’t know: Every lock has its own key. If you really have been hit below the belt by the blows of the economy, maybe it is about time you take another look at what you know. This is because what you know is obviously important than what you do. If what you know is wrong, then it doesn’t matter what you do, no good results can come out of it. Take a second and think; if what you know is effective, would you be still be overwhelmed by the current challenges? Of course not! If you knew what to do to get out of this mess, you will have done it a long time ago. It is time to learn something new. It just might be the saving key that you need. Don’t get rested on what you have always known. Philip Emeagwali said, “Ideas, not money, alleviate poverty.” It is time to seek new solutions and fresh ideas.

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